Holiday and Feasts in Corfu

The following is a list of official holidays, during which all departments of public services are closed.

January 1st:
St. Basil’s Day

January 6th:
Epiphany (Ta Fota) This is the day the cross is thrown into the sea off Mandraki (beneath the Old Fortress) for divers to “rescue,” for which one lucky swimmer wins good will and monetary awards from the faithful. Parades and music mark the occasion, after a solemn church service.

First Sunday in Carnival, processions held at various points on the island

Second Sunday in Carnival:
Second round of processions.

Thursday in Carnival:
Corfiot Petegoletsa, singing of cantadhes and marching bands

Third Sunday in Carnival (Cheese Sunday):
The season culminates in a massive parade, with floats, and the burning of (the straw) King Carnival

March 25th:
The Annunciation/Greek Independence Day . Anniversary of the revolution for freedom against the Turkish invaders.

Easter (Moveable)

Palm Sunday:
Procession of St. Spyridon in Corfu Town

Holy Tuesday:
Choirs perform at the Churches of St. Spyridon, St. Paraskevi and the Metropolitan Cathedral

Holy Wednesday:
Concert by the Municipal Choir at the Municipal Theater

Good Friday:
Epitaphios (Christ’s Bier) processes at island churches

Easter Saturday:
Early procession of St. Spyridon; First Resurrection and Pot Throwing

Easter Sunday:
Procession of the Icon of The Resurrection; celebrations at the New Fortress; procession of Aghia Triada in Garitsa .

May 1st
May Day

May 21st:
Enosis (Union With Greece), early procession in Corfu town and celebrations in various villages .

August 10th:
Concert of cantadhes sung from boats in Garitsa Bay

August 11th:
St. Spyridon’s Day, Local Holiday, procession in Corfu Town and festivals .

August 15th:
The Assumption of The Virgin, National Holiday, festivals in many, many Corfiot villages

October 26th:
St. Demetrios’s Day

October 28th:
Anniversary of Greece”s refusal to submit to the Italians in 1940

December 12th:
St. Spyridon’s Day, Local Holiday, two-day festival in Corfu Town,

December 25th:
Christmas Day

Note: you will find all banks, public offices, shops and sites closed on the following dates: 1st January; Epiphany, 6th January; First Monday in Lent; 25th March, Greek Independence Day; Good Friday, Greek Orthodox Easter and Easter Monday; 1st May; Pentecost (Whit Monday); 15th August (Dormition of The Virgin); 28th October, “Ochi Day”; 25th and 26th December; and St. Spyridon’s Days, 11th August and 12th December.